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The Acres4Life Program

What we seek?
A4L seeks to help impoverished people break out of hopeless and destructive patterns through self-sustaining farms that provide food, water, jobs, security and HOPE!

How we do it?
A4L seeks to purchase land that has been identified as a great potential for growing crops and raising livestock. Then, through local partnerships, A4L hires local people to clear the land and prepare it for farming.

How do we manage the process?
Locals are consulted for the selection of crops and livestock based on local preferences and our farm expert's calculations for ideal crops for the land and climate. Then, the farm is launched with great hope and anticipation as locals are hired to help plant the crops, build the livestock barns, tend to all of it and await the first harvest.

What can I expect from the first harvest?
As the first crops are harvested, hope and enthusiasm grow as the locals see how their hard work and their land can lead to food, water, jobs, shelter and most importantly a vision for their future.

What is our final goal?
Our goal is to help impoverished people throughout the world turn their raw land into a self-sustaining farm that provides life's necessities for them and for generations to come.


Acres4Life is organized as a 501(c)3 under the name Acres 4 Life Foundation.

Acres4Life also works closely with Children's Hunger Fund and African Renewal Ministries. We are in the process of being a certified non-profit through both MinistryWatch.com and Charity Navigator. Ministry Watch is a donor advocate organization that researches non-profit organizations and provides information to donors on the credibility of the organization. Charity Navigator is the largest evaluator of charities in the US.

As we receive our certifications or documentation from these and/or other accountability organizations, we will update this page and communicate with all of our donors and supporters.

Thank you for your support, prayer and giving to Acres4Life.

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